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Light Rail Links

The Light Rail Links Coalition

The Light Rail Links Community Coalition formed as a result of the growing movement of like-minded individuals and groups advocating for Light Rail Transit (LRT) south of the Fraser. Our coalition is made up of community supporters that represent a variety of interests.

Coalition Members

Our coalition includes community groups, neighbourhood associations, businesses and business organizations. Member groups include:

  • Anthem Properties
  • Century Group
  • Downtown Surrey Business Improvement Association
  • Fleetwood Community Association
  • Fraser Valley Heritage Railway Society
  • Fraser Valley Real Estate Board
  • Guildford Town Centre
  • Lower Mainland Chambers Transportation Panel
  • South Surrey & White Rock Chamber of Commerce
  • Surrey Board of Trade
  • Surrey Citizens Transportation Initiative (CiTi)
  • Surrey Library Board
  • Tourism Surrey
  • Value Industries
  • Blackwood Partners/Central City
  • Cloverdale Chamber of Commerce
  • The Lark Group

Our Mission

Light Rail Links is focused on promoting the benefits of LRT and generating support for building an LRT system south of the Fraser. Our goal is to demonstrate to TransLink, and the federal and provincial governments that there is widespread support for an LRT system and that funding LRT should be their top priority.

For more information, email info@lightraillinks.com.

Why LRT?

Surrey is the fastest growing city in British Columbia. By 2041, the population is expected to grow to 750,000 people, a 50% increase from the current population of 480,000. It is important that this growth be responsibly managed so that we can develop higher density, livable neighbourhoods. A Light Rail Transit (LRT) system can play an important role in helping shape these neighbourhoods and ensuring that Surrey remains a great place to live and work.
  1. LRT will connect communities south of the Fraser
  2. LRT will create pedestrian-friendly neighbourhoods with new developments and businesses
  3. LRT has easily accessible cars that can carry high volumes of passengers
  4. LRT is a cost effective solution that will link the most communities

The LRT system being proposed by the City of Surrey will consist of two LRT lines:

  • The L-Line will connect Guildford to City Centre, along 104
    Avenue, and continue south along King George Boulevard
    until Newton Exchange

  • The Fraser Highway Line will connect City Centre to
    Langley, passing through Fleetwood and Clayton along
    the Fraser Highway

Find out more about how this innovative and forward thinking transit system will transform our city!

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I, the undersigned, agree that LRT is needed south of the Fraser now to help shape and connect our communities.