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Himalaya Studios, the team behind the four acclaimed Roberto Coin Pois Moi TwoRow Diamond Ring Yellow Gold Size 65 YopjjI
, and the commercially released " Al Emmo and the Lost Dutchman's Mine ", has experience in game development, dating back to 2001.
At a time when the industry was paying little attention to the adventure game genre, co-founders Britney Brimhall and Christopher Warren set out to remake Sierra's flagship title, "King's Quest I: Quest for the Crown".
The project soon attracted public attention and downloads rose rapidly. In the month following, official sales of Sierra's then four-year-old "King's Quest: Mask of Eternity" spiked enormously, outselling even new releases (* Zales Heartbeat Ring in 14K Rose Gold 3iVl7
). We soon realized the impact our remake was having, and subsequently developed remakes of King's Quest II III, and Quest for Glory II.
Despite the success of our licensed Sierra remakes, we've always wanted to develop an original Adventure / RPG set in a medieval fantasy world, reminiscent of the classic storytelling which remains popular today. With Mage's Initiation, we are realizing this vision as we pool our efforts into an exciting new title!
We're working alongside some exceptional talent, who have contributed to such acclaimed adventure titles as Wadjet Eye Games' POMELLATO Nudo Lemon Quartz Stud Earrings zVhfJN
and the forthcoming Hero-U , the game recently Kickstarted by Quest for Glory creators Lori and Corey Cole.
Christopher Warren - CEO and Co-Founder
Chris was a late-comer to Sierra's adventure games, not having played any of the classics until '93. After getting his first taste of King's Quest, he quickly became hooked and made up for lost time. He established AGD Interactive and Himalaya Studios with company co-founder Britney Brimhall, and has directed all projects developed by both studios over the past 13 years. In his capacity as CEO, he not only manages the company, but also gets his hands dirty working on game design, art, animation, and programming. This ensures a constant overview from simultaneous administrative and creative perspectives, resulting in a greater degree of control over how the game looks, plays, and feels.
Daniel Stacey - Writer and Designer

Daniel was first introduced to adventure games at the impressionable age of twelve, a moment which inspired a frenzied flurry of fan fiction and original works. Now a teacher, he attributes his love of literacy, writing and interactive storytelling to these gems, both past and present, and hopes to continue writing and designing games for the benefit of players. His past contributions include AGD Interactive's remakes of King's Quest II and III , and the commercially released Al Emmo and the Lost Dutchman's Mine. With Daniel's talent for game design and engaging storytelling, Mage's Initiation promises to be enjoyable and satisfying experience for even the most hardened adventure gamer!

Clovis police investigating disturbance, possible

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A man is taken into custody March 17, 2018 by Clovis police officers. The police department reported a large disturbance at the MB2 Raceway at the Sierra Vista Mall. LARRY VALENZUELA
A man is taken into custody March 17, 2018 by Clovis police officers. The police department reported a large disturbance at the MB2 Raceway at the Sierra Vista Mall. LARRY VALENZUELA


Clovis police investigating disturbance, possible shots fired at Sierra Vista Mall

By Cresencio Rodriguez-Delgado

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March 17, 2018 07:17 PM

Updated March 17, 2018 09:52 PM

Nine people were in custody Saturday at the Clovis Police Department after officers responded to Sierra Vista Mall for a possible armed disturbance where gunshots may have been fired.

Clovis Police Service Officer Ty Wood said the nine people were being questioned Saturday night at the department's headquarters to determine what happened inside the MB2 Raceway at the Sierra Vista Mall.

Wood said customers ran out of the business following a disturbance inside involving several people. The department released brief updates stating that a witness saw a man brandish a weapon.

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The witness told police the man involved may have fired the weapon once or twice. Whether someone actually fired still remains unclear, police said.

Wood said officers were still searching fir bullet casings or holes at the scene.

Update: at 5:12PM, We received calls of a large disturbance att MB2 Raceway at Sierra Vista Mall involving several subjects. A witness reported that 1 male involved brandished and fired a hand gun 1-2 times. Officers competed a high risk stop near Shaw/Helm...

No injuries were reported following the disturbance, Wood said. The nine who are in custody have not been arrested or charged with any crimes as of Saturday night.

Up the road near Shaw and Willow avenues, officers conducted a "high-risk stop" for a vehicle that was reportedly involved in the incident at Sierra Vista Mall, Wood said. Of the nine in police custody, some came from that traffic stop, Wood added.

The impact factors of other journals also increased:

The Editor-in-chief of IUCr Journals, Professor Samar Hasnain commented:" Each of our journals have made a significant improvement in the latest impact factor results. We thank our authors, reviewers, editors and co-editors for their commitment to ensuring that the best of structural science and underpinning technology and methods is reported in IUCr Journals. This is the first time that four of our journals concurrently have an impact factor above 6, and we look forward to building on this success ."Peter Strickland, Executive Managing Editor of IUCr Journals, noted:" This is first time, since I started working for the IUCr some 30 years ago, that I can remember all of the journals increasing their impact factors in the same year. "

For more details, see

Ptychographic X-ray imaging is used to characterize the structure and properties of matter and materials. While the method has been around for 50 years or so, wide use was at first hampered by the experimental process being slow and the computational processing of the data to produce a reconstructed image being expensive. But in recent years, advances in detectors and X-ray microscopes at light sources such as Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory's Advanced Light Source have made it possible to measure a ptychographic data set in seconds. As a result, today ptychography is used in a range of scientific domains, including condensed-matter physics, cell biology and electronics.

Reconstructing ptychographic data sets can be a data-intensive challenge, as it involves solving a difficult phase-retrieval problem, calibrating optical elements and dealing with experimental outliers and 'noise'. To address this challenge, Berkeley Lab scientists developed (scalable heterogeneous adaptive real-time ptychography), which enables the reconstruction of millions of phases of ptychographic image data per second. Since being introduced in 2016, has had notable successes in the analysis of magnetic thin films, magnetozomes and three-dimensional battery materials.

Now members of the collaboration have developed a model that further enhances 's reconstruction capabilities. The new algorithm, (gradient decomposition of the probe/alternating direction method of multipliers), is described in a recent article in Section A [ Angara PearShaped Pink Sapphire Leverback Drop Earrings 4VX7i
] and was featured on the cover of the May issue. takes advantage of state-of-the-art mathematical aspects of phase retrieval, background-noise optimization and detector 'denoising', allowing to handle more light than before, enabling faster data acquisition and higher time resolution, and ultimately more scientific discoveries.

'The goal was to offer the ability to quickly discover interesting nanoparticles at full resolution by enabling rapid feedback from the microscopists at the beamlines,' said Stefano Marchesini, a staff scientist at Berkeley Lab and a co-author of the article. 'Even when the next-generation coherent light sources come online, we may be able to extend the X-ray energies that can be used in ptychography by using this model.'

The results from structure prediction programs have demonstrated that any organic molecule has the potential to interrelate with its siblings in a number of different ways, the observed crystal structure representing an energy minimum where the contributions from various types of intermolecular interactions have been carefully balanced. Systematic investigations of molecules that share one important moiety/feature provide valuable experimental data for the understanding of this balance and for rationalizing important trends, even among other sets of compounds. Amino acids constitute an attractive group for such a survey, with a common polar head and a variable side chain. Crystal structures of more than 120 regular, acyclic amino acids have been published in the past, meaning that the 20 proteinogenic amino acids represent but a minor fraction of the experimental material. If these amino acids are used, however, to construct dipeptides, they alone leave 20 x 20 = 400 different options. As of June 2018, crystal structures are only available for 104 of them.

is a subgroup of particular interest. These are based on combinations of the five non-polar amino acids alanine (Ala), valine (Val), isoleucine (Ile), leucine (Leu) and phenylalanine (Phe) only, meaning that hydrogen bonds are essentially limited to connecting the constant parts of the molecules, the peptide main chains. Accordingly, any change in crystal structure upon amino acid substitution is due to the side chain.

The crystal structure of Val-Leu acetonitrile solvate presented in Görbitz (2018). B 74 , 311-318 is the 25th and last missing piece in the 5 x 5 puzzle of hydrophobic dipeptide structures. This “completion event” is used here as an opportunity to review their crystal packing arrangements and hydrogen-bonding pattern preferences, the associated peptide conformations and the sometimes unexpected impact a seemingly modest amino acid substitution can have not only on the crystal structure but also on the propensity to include co-crystallized solvent molecules.

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Editorial Board Member Richard Henderson (MRC LMB, Cambridge, UK) has been made a Companion of Honour in Queen Elizabeth II's 2018 Birthday Honours list for services to electron microscopy of biological molecules. The order is a special award held by only 65 people at any one time.

Based on previous studies it is anticipated that findings will reveal a positive relationship between ASE and academic resilience, although it is unclear which of the 30 responses to academic adversity will present as most pivotal in defining differences in academic resilience between lower and higher ASE students. Because self-efficacy is a “self” construct most closely related to personal functioning, it is anticipated that any association between self-efficacy and resilience will be more pronounced in responses to the personal adversity vignette as compared to the vicarious adversity vignette.

The sample comprised 435 British undergraduate students (see Tables 1 , Angara Tennis Diamond Eternity Bracelet in Yellow Gold 6IbG5
). The study adopted a self-report questionnaire-based design with correlational and between-subjects components. Academic self-efficacy and academic resilience were measured during a single data collection point in participants' first, second, or third year as undergraduates. Gender, age, and year of study data were also collected. Whilst the gender bias evident within the sample was not desirable, that over 80% of the sample were female is representative of a typical student intake, at least in psychology ( Bourne, 2014 ).


Table 1. Total sample details .


Table 2. Sample details by vignette group .

This is 23 item context-specific scale measuring student ASE. The General Academic Self-Efficacy Scale was adapted from the Health Student Self-Efficacy (HSSE) Scale originally developed by Eachus (1993) as a measure of self-efficacy beliefs in students on health-related courses involving clinical training and practice. Cassidy and Eachus (2002) revised the HSSE scale, removing reference to clinical placements, and developed the GASE scale for use with general undergraduate student populations. Participants record their level of agreement with each of the 23 items along a 9-point Likert scale from strongly agree to strongly disagree. The scale contains both positively and negatively worded items, examples of which include “I know I have the ability to complete this course successfully” and “I have some doubts about my ability to grasp some of the topics taught on this course.” Scores for negatively worded items are reversed so that a high GASE score indicates high (or positive) ASE. Scores for the 23 items are summed providing a total scale score between 23 and 207. Cassidy and Eachus (2002) report high internal (α = 0.86) and external ( r = 0.71) reliability for the GASE scale and construct validity is further demonstrated through significant correlations with academic locus of control and computer user self-efficacy. A similarly high alpha (α = 0.84, N = 434) is reported in the present study.

In the absence of a suitable measure of academic resilience, the ARS-30 was developed as a context-specific measure of student response to academic adversity. Scale items represent a sample of relevant positively and negatively phrased behavioral and cognitive-affective responses that participants have to rate as likely or unlikely along a 5-point Likert scale following exposure to the personal or vicarious adversity case vignette:

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